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<High School Student Column>Why 'Among Us' is Beneficial

Lately, the video game “Among Us” has been ravaging the online stores in popularity.

Players from all over the world are now into the game, and playing with a group of friends is especially the dream. This is actually a surprising outcome given the release date of the game, which was back in 2018. Playing Among Us is very intriguing and causes a lot of commotion between the players; it’s like a video game version of the party game Mafia. The objective of Among Us depends on two scenarios: whether you are the crewmate or the impostor. Let’s dive deeper into these two objectives and why it can greatly increase your life skills as a player.

Being a crewmate means being part of a team, and contributing to the team in the most helpful way possible leads the crew to victory. The crewmate is one player out of many others who take part in trying to figure out who the impostor is among them. They cooperate together during the discussions, decipher movements of others during the gameplay, and all together try to prove each other innocent in order to eventually discover the players who are not. Careful investigation and observation during the round is also key when trying to catch the impostor. Many life skills later on include teamwork, participation, integrity, and more, and when involved in Among Us as a crewmate, these skills are all necessary in order to achieve success.

Being an impostor means being the ultimate manipulator. In a standard game of two impostors plus eight crewmates, the two impostors work together to try to eliminate all the crewmates to the point where the number of crewmates equals the number of impostors in the round. This can be done through voting the crew out or killing them in action. Many skills come in handy when trying to succeed as the impostor; meticulously lying, being trusted by crewmates, fast reaction time, and a steady thought process are all incorporated in the mind of a stealthy impostor. Quick thinking and properly manipulating the situation in the impostor’s favor can turn the tides of the game, and the crewmates can find themselves in an uneasy and unexpected spot.

So, all and all, why is Among Us a game that can positively affect the players?

Well, first off, it is a party game, which means many people can interact and participate at once. This causes a natural bond between the players because they are all actively into the game in order to achieve victory for their side. Also, the amount of communication and thinking required in this game is immense, which is a great benefit to the players. To sum it all up, the role of a crewmate teaches teamwork, cooperation, problem solving, and investigation skills, while the impostor role focuses more on the tactical aspects, including being sneaky, stealthy, quick, and smart about executing actions.


10th grader from Los Angeles, CA

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